Schedule Your Professional Sod Installation or Re-Sod Estimate Here

Looking for professional sod installation or re-sod? Choose your type below and complete the form and a representative will send an estimate based on the information provided.

Online Estimate

We provide a written quote via email.

The square footage for this quote is obtained by using the square footage area calculator which can be found at: We may also use measurements provided by the customer. This kind of estimate has no cost. Once the customer agrees to the quote, a sales representative will visit the property to confirm the measurement* and assess the shade coverage and the irrigation coverage.

*if there is a difference in the actual measurement and the estimate provided by the customer, the quote will be adjusted accordingly, and said charge will be discussed with and has to be approved by the customer before proceeding.

On-Site Estimate

A sales representative will schedule an appointment to visit the property.

Once there, we’ll proceed to measure the areas to be worked at, we’ll assess the shade coverage, the ground’s ph level and other factors to help recommend the best sod for each case.

Once completed, a written estimate will be provided. This estimate has a cost of $75 due when scheduling the appointment. This amount will be applied as a credit towards the final cost of the installation once the customer has agreed and scheduled the work to be done.