BETHEL Gotta Go Grass Refills


Gotta Go Grass contains a durable, all-natural grass that will thrive in any environment. Our innovative trays interlock, allowing you to customize the size to fit your needs. As pet owners, we want the best for our furry friends. Gotta Go Grass adds the comfort of nature your pet craves, making them feel more at home. Whether you work late, live a few floors up, get stuck in extreme weather, or your young pet is still house training – Gotta Go Grass is your solution. Gotta Go Grass is for pets of all ages and sizes and is naturally safe to use. With Gotta Go Grass you spend less time worrying about walk time and more time enjoying them for a lifetime.

* These are REFILLS and do not include the interlocking tray.



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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 24 yd