CitraBlue St. Augustine


CitraBlue St. Augustine is available only in 400 square foot pallets. Please note there is a two pallet minimum and it takes at least two business days for us to make it available for pickup or delivery.

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Developed for its tolerance to disease and drought pressure, CitraBlue St. Augustine is a shade tolerant St. Augustine variety with a much slower vertical growth speed than Floratam and other common St. Augustine grasses. CitraBlue has a unique blue-green color which visually sets it apart from other grasses in the field. This improved St. Augustine variety is the perfect choice for home and commercial landscapes throughout the South.



The outlined steps below are proper care and maintenance checklists for each of the seasons.

Prior to and immediately after installation: Prepare soil and water thoroughly before sod is placed (additional info at It is essential that turf be watered thoroughly when installed. Soak upon installation and water as needed to keep new sod from drying out. Overwatering for an extended period, however, will severely damage the turf, inducing disease and rotting roots. It usually takes 7–10 days during the active growing season for the sod to establish, but may take longer during cooler weather. Proper rooting can be checked by lifting a corner of the new sod piece and noting if “white” roots have connected to the ground. Mow the new sod 7–10 days after installation.


  • Have your soil Ph level tested every other year and add the necessary amendments.
  • Always read and follow label instruction information before applying any chemical to your lawn.
  1. Mow your CitraBlue at a height of 2 inches for the first mow of the spring. Keep CitraBlue mowed between 2–3 inches for the remainder of spring.
  2. Apply fertilizer. For optimal results, feed your lawn during the spring season by applying Lawnifi Foundation, a granular fertilizer. With a 29-0-5 formulation, Lawnifi Foundation features a slow-release mixture of nitrogen that feeds your plants over a longer duration of time. This promotes the overall health of the grass.
  3. Apply pre-emergent herbicide. This will cut down on summer weeds.
  4. Treat with a broad-spectrum insecticide. If you use a granular variety, make sure to water the lawn immediately after application to help it get it into the soil. Make sure it offers control for chinch bugs and white grubs.
  5. Don’t overwater. In the active growing season, CitraBlue needs about one inch of water per week from natural rainfall or irrigation. Too much water can cause fungus.
  6. Apply a systemic fungicide at a preventive rate to keep disease from taking hold of your lawn. If you see circular patches of brown or dead grass, do not apply fertilizer until you’ve applied a systemic fungicide at a curative rate and your grass has recovered.