Sod Shortage 2015

obsod Notice

A shortage of turfgrass is expected during the spring and summer months of 2015. During the economic downturn, acreage was allocated to other crops. Now there is an increase in construction creating a greater demand for sod. This is expected to cause frequent price increases and degrade availability.

Currently, St. Augustine Classic, Seville, Palmetto, Floratam, and Bahia have good availability which means we can deliver those within one business day of your order. Zoysia and Bermuda require a two-pallet minimum and two days advanced notice. Availability can change at any time. We will update this page as soon as we have different information.

We recommend that you order your sod early in the season and as many days in advance as possible. Enter your desired delivery date in the notes section under the delivery address field during checkout. Make sure you provide a phone number where you can be reached. If the manager cannot meet your desired delivery date, a representative will call you to reschedule.